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Discover RFOX VALT

RFOX VALT is a fully immersive shopping experience compatible with virtual reality. Combining gaming elements, RFOX VALT forms its own standalone metaverse experience. Place your bid now and secure a piece of history by being one of the first SHOP owners in the RFOX VALT.

Callinova Auction

Callinova Auction

The RFOX VALT will consist of 4 themed quarters. A total of 25 Premium SHOPs will be available via auction in each quarter. Callinova, the art themed quarter, is the first available quarter. The word Callinova is a combination of “Calli” meaning Calligraphy and Callisto a Jupiter moon and “nova” meaning Supernova. Combined, we end up with an artistic explosion of brightness, which we think is perfect for the art based quarter. Although the Callinova Quarter is art inspired, it is suitable for businesses from varying industries and is not limited to artistic businesses.

Payment Method

VFOX is the rewards based token for the RFOX VALT ecosystem. VFOX holders will receive rewards in the form of RFOX and should follow official channels for further information.

The Ecosystem

The RFOX VALT allows for all users to benefit from the RFOX ventures by showcasing all products and services offered across the ecosystem on one central platform. Learn more about the RFOX Ventures here.

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RFOX Games was founded with the vision of creating an ecosystem of interoperable tournament based games that utilise emerging technologies. We focus on PLAY TO EARN for the mobile gaming space with a particular focus on the Southeast Asian region.

Latest News

SHOP until we drop – Weekly Blog N0. 9

10 Sep 2021

4 days until the SHOP sale and so much left to tell you all. So let’s get things underway. Today we will take you on a journey through a SHOP, one we have configured using the SHOP owners custom tools

How to Bid on RFOX VALT SHOPs

7 Sep 2021

Beginning with the first quarter - Callinova, 25 shops will go up for auction on the Ethereum network. SHOP Auction goes live on September 14, 2021 4:00 PM GMT +7

Chasing Space - Weekly Blog N0. 8

5 Sep 2021

11 days until the first SHOP auction for the Callinova quarter, and we are really starting to see things come together now. Today we are thrilled to show you an updated VR walkthrough, and more....

I’ve got 5 on it – Weekly Blog N0. 7

27 Aug 2021

2 and ½ weeks until we kick off the SHOP sale for the RFOX VALT, and we are pleased to bring you further updates this week. This week we will focus on the 5 templates for the SHOPs

Welcome, Welcome – Weekly Blog N0. 6

20 Aug 2021

Yet another week has passed us by, and what a week it was. Yesterday we revealed the premier of the RFOX VALT SHOP sale trailer, and so far, the feedback has been fantastic.

Get Down – Weekly Blog N0. 5

13 Aug 2021

We are one week closer to the RFOX VALT Shop sales on the 14th of September and less than one week away until the first VALT ad drops publicly on the 19th of August.