How to Bid on RFOX VALT SHOPs

By RFOX VALTSeptember 07, 2021

The RFOX VALT is an exciting metaverse for immersive retail and entertainment experiences. Built to offer easy access through a mobile app, web, and also compatible with virtual reality headsets, the RFOX VALT is an ideal platform for brands to serve their communities with engaging products and activities that are personalized and unique.

RFOX VALT SHOP breakdown per quarter

  • 25 premium SHOPs for auction

  • 2 Marquee SHOPs which are not for auction

  • 3 RFOX SHOPs which are not for auction

  • Other central buildings that differ from quarter to quarter for housing concerts, events and more. 

30 SHOPs in total per quarter, 120 SHOPs in total within the RFOX VALT.

How the SHOP auction works

Beginning with the first quarter - Callinova, 25 SHOPs will go up for auction on the Ethereum network.

  • Each SHOP auction will be spaced to start 1-hour apart 

  • Auctions will last for 72 hours

  • SHOP auctions will start at a $5,000 reserve, payable in RFOX TOKEN only

  • SHOP auctions will only accept ERC-20 RFOX. If your RFOX tokens are held on Binance Smart Chain, please bridge them across to the Ethereum chain to participate in SHOP auctions.

Where to buy ERC-20 RFOX? Check out the "How to Add RFOX" page.

How to place a bid on the RFOX VALT SHOPs

A SHOP auction page will go live on on September 14, 2021 4:00 PM GMT+7.

Once the SHOP Auctions go live, follow these easy steps:

Connect your Ethereum wallet

Transactions on the Ethereum network, including SHOP bids, require a gas fee paid in ETH token. Before placing a bid, ensure your wallet has enough ETH to cover any gas fees.

Click or tap the ‘CONNECT WALLET’ in the top-right corner of the auction site

Select the wallet containing your RFOX tokens 

Tip: Always check you are using an official wallet. Be weary of phishing scams. The RFOX team and our community ambassadors will never ask for your private keys or seed phrases.

We’ll use the MetaMask wallet for this example. 

MetaMask may present you with a popup window asking you to confirm connection to the Ethereum Mainnet (as opposed to Binance Smart Chain or one of the test networks, for example).

Once linked, the ‘CONNECT WALLET’ button will update to display the beginning and end of your Ethereum address.

Click Approve

An Approve button appears on the SHOP Auction cards. Click “Approve” to activate the bidding functionality.

Place your bid

Each SHOP available for auction is represented by a card displaying its location within The RFOX VALT, along with the current bid price.

  • Click or tap the ‘PLACE A BID’ button for the SHOP you’d like to bid on

  • Within the popup window, enter the RFOX amount into the ‘YOUR BID’ field which needs to be at least 3% higher than the previous bid.

  • Click or tap the ‘PLACE A BID’ button.

  • Confirm the bid amount and gas fee within the MetaMask popup window.

All bids are locked into an audited smart contract. If you are outbid at any point during an auction, your locked RFOX will automatically return to your Ethereum wallet. Keep in mind that with each bid you will pay a gas fee in ETH.

When do I receive my shop NFT?

Once the auction is finished, the successful person holding the final bid will be awarded the SHOP NFT within 12 hours.

The SHOP auction will be live on September 14, 2021 4:00 PM GMT +7.

Best of luck and happy bidding! Go to to learn more.

Be weary of fake websites. Always check you are using the official website:

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